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In my super early years of photography (I mean when I was 14-17), I was photographing everything. Families, newborns, head shots, bands, cars, products, etc. You name it, I photographed it. I started to get burned out... first products, bands, cars, then families. I quickly realized that what I was doing needed to be sustainable for me, in order to make my clients happy.

Now, I should say I photographed my first wedding when I was 14 years old (complete craziness). At 14, I sure as hell was not ready to be photographing a wedding, and I stopped. I stopped photographing weddings for 3 years. When I was 17, my dad approached me and said "Ang (a friend at work) is getting married and I gave her your name". And with that, I rolled my eyes. Little did I know Ang's wedding would set me on the path I would pursue for the rest of my life.

Just last year, I stopped photographing everything except weddings and engagements. As a Kelowna Wedding Photographer, I've learned that my clients deserve someone focused on love. I believe in love. Love that blinds you (in a good way). Love that makes your head spin. Love that makes you do crazy things. Love that ties two people together through the good and bad. Crazy, beautiful images, photographed by me focusing on their crazy, beautiful love.

I love love.
Ridiculously cheesy, riiiiiight? But it's true. I love love. I love watching two people that are in love interact with each other. I love capturing moments they'll remember for the rest of their lives as they became one. I happy cry at every single wedding I photograph.

I have found something I can put my heart and soul into.
Wedding Photography is so insanely fulfilling to me. It gives me a sense of passion and pride that I couldn't even begin to explain. When I photograph your wedding I treat each individual image as if it were my own. I treat your images like they are images I would be receiving. I only want the best for you and I truly, truly believe that it shows through and through when you get your images back after your wedding.

Photographing weddings has given me the opportunity to dip my tiny little toes into Destination Wedding Photography. I've been lucky enough to travel across Canada and the United States, with some hot destinations coming up later in 2016 and 2017. Check out my dream travel list too, does your wedding apply?! ;)