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Busy season is upon me as a Kelowna Wedding Photographer, and with that comes lots of welcomed chatter with other wedding professionals near and far. I’m so, so grateful so have friends in this industry to bounce ideas, thoughts and rants off of. As a photographer, I’m active in quite a few behind-the-scenes Facebook groups and I always find that one common thing shows up from April-October, why don’t my clients tell me how they feel about their images?

Here’s the honest truth: as photographers, we want to make sure you’re happy with what you received. Here’s the even more honest truth: it hurts our feelings a little bit when you don’t say anything. A quick email back like I got from one of my brides, Carmin, the other day after I delivered her Vernon Engagement Session saying “Yay! SO EXCITED, love them! So many great ones! Thanks so much!” makes my heart flutter. I want to know you’re happy with the trust you’ve put in me to capture these memories for you.

Of course, we’re not going to tell you we need a reply from you. We won’t tell you we need you to tell us you love them, but it sure does make us the most content and thankful people in the world.

Just the other day I got a card in the mail from one of my January brides, Shauna. She wrote:
“Saying thank you is not enough. You did such a beautiful job capturing our wedding dat. The images have filled our home in such a special way. We are so grateful to have such wonderful images to remember our big day with. You are truly a joy to work with and didn’t miss a beat. Thank you so much, love, Mr. and Mrs. Katerberg”

Now I’m sure you can image what happened when I read that letter if a small email made me the happiest photographer ;) #tearsofgratitude