Stephen & Stephanie » Surprise Proposal at Quails Gate


Stephen wrote me to say that him and his girlfriend, Stephanie, were heading to Kelowna from Alberta for the long weekend and he was planning on proposing to her and wanted a professional photographer to capture the moment. I’m in.

For the past few months, Stephen had set up (and perfectly executed) a master plan that involved a jewelry consultant at the store that housed Stephanies dream ring. The consultant was entirely sure of who Stephanie was, and when she came in on her own to try on rings, she made note of the perfect ring size so that Stephen could purchase her dream ring, in the perfect size.

Stephen spent months orchestrating this whole event. From the ring scheme, to hiring me 2 months in advance! Quails Gate was the first winery these two went to as a couple a year ago, so it’s only fitting he popped the question there. I showed up super casual, with my camera stashed in my purse and just pretended I was waiting for a friend. Stephen was texting me the entire time telling me what they were wearing and where they were. I anxiously waited for the guy in the “orange polo shirt” and the pretty lady in the “blue dress” to walk out from the tasting area. I gave Stephen a little smirk to let him know it was me (we had never met!!!), and then I weaved my way in and out of the vines so Stephanie didn’t suspect a thing.