Prepping for 2016 » Kelowna Wedding Photographer

Between last wedding season and this one, I've basically started a new life. I moved across the country by myself and to be honest, I've been pretty well lost since. I love Kelowna with all of my entire being, but man, is it hard to go from friends 4 minutes away, to 4000km away. 

And, while I would like to say I'm enjoying a break from weddings, I'm not. I'm just not. I'm so so ready for gorgeous weddings with gorgeous people to be back in my life! But, rest prepares you (me?) for hard work, so I'm trying to enjoy my last few weeks before I'm an official Kelowna Wedding Photographer ;). Y'all may not know, but wedding season takes a tonne of out photographers, physically, mentally and emotionally... not to mention the toll it takes on our gear! 

In order to properly prep my body and my gear for #weddingseason2016, I needed to get/do a couple things. This is generally what I do every year!

#weddingseason2016 needs
- a new camera bag. I've flip-flopped between a backpack and a smaller messenger type bag for years. The backpack doesn't look very nice and the messenger... well, it's just too small! I just ordered a GORGEOUS bag from The House of Flynn. I'm also obsessively compulsively checking the USPS shipping every 17 minutes, and I've also signed up for text and email notifications. 

- new business cards. This goes hand in hand with me moving to Kelowna, since I've been here 4 months and I've yet to order any. My cards I ordered a couple weeks ago just got here today... I can't wait to show y'all the cards, they're stunning, and so classy!

- new/proper shoes to shoot in. I'll be the first one to say, anytime I can be barefoot I am!!! Unfortunately this doesn't usually mesh well with weddings. (Getting married on a beach aka shoes not necessary? Bring me!!!). I also have super weird arches in my feet that disappear sometimes, so this makes finding proper shoes to shoot in for 8-12 hours difficult. I've tried Sperrys, Toms and $12 flats from Ardenes. Barefeet..... er I mean, Toms usually win. 

- CLEAN gear!!! All of my gear takes a trip to Nikon a few times a year to get professional cleaned and tuned up to make sure it's in tip top shape. Lenses and camera bodies. I handle the flashes myself, as well as memory cards.