Eva & Tom » Kelowna Coffee Shop Engagement Session


A wrong number, a payphone, and a denied kiss. Who’d woulda thought these two would get married with that beginning?

Eva went to Vancouver a few years ago for a football game with her girlfriends. While they were there, they decided to visit one of the local bars to have a night out. Eva had been eyeing Tom all night, and her girls definitely took notice… and they wouldn’t let her leave without getting Toms number. After a little bit of pushing, Eva went and tried to talk Tom up and get his number. He gave her A number… it wasn’t his though, and when Eva attempted to kiss him goodbye - he swerved and denied her. Ouch! Eva called the number the next day and the recording informed her that “this number has been disconnected”. Being a little (understandably) annoyed, Eva didn’t bother to call him again - but a few days later she got a call from an unknown number, which happened to be a payphone… Tom was calling her from a payphone. The disconnected number? His brothers phone that ran out of minutes. Being the smart man he is, Tom didn’t want to give a girl in a bar his number incase she turned out to be crazy! 

In the end, Eva gave Tom the ultimatum of a lifetime: move to Kelowna or the relationship ends now. Tom, again, being the smart man he is - picked up and moved to Kelowna. I wish these two all the best as Mr. and Mrs. as they get married in 3 weeks time! xoxo

Huge shoutout to Pulp Fiction Coffee House for letting us invade their lovely space and borrow the pup