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If you know me personally, like really personally, you know I'm not close to 30. I'm kind of close to 25. I don't tell a lot of people (even some of my friends) how old I am, mostly because it doesn't matter! Browsing through Instagram the other day, I discovered the #30before30 hashtag, essentially a 30 item bucket list of things to do before you turn 30. I'm closer to 25 than I am to 30, so I wanted something a little more immediate. So, here goes nothing. I'm going to check in every year on my birthday and see where I'm at. Here is my #25before25.

1. Jump out of an airplane
2. Visit Thailand or Croatia
3. Take a workshop somewhere in California or abroad
4. Move to Lake Country/Peachland/Summerland
5. Buy a Jeep Wrangler
6. Be 100% DEBT FREE!!!
7. Photograph a wedding in California
8. Swim with the piggies in Exuma, Bahamas
9. Learn to cook asparagus (y'all I am not kidding, asparagus is my mortal enemy in the kitchen)
10. "Master" paddle boarding.
11. Shower in a waterfall
12. Go to a wedding... as a guest. Let it be known I haven't been to a wedding as a guest since 2008!!!
13. Rescue a dog
14. Take a spontaneous weekend trip/vacation
15. Start a RRSP
16. Get in peak physical shape
17. Shoot a gun
18. Bungee jumping
19. Surprise someone with something big
20. Have professional pictures taken. I have NEVER had my photo professionally taken!!
21. Read a book from start to finish
22. See my favourite artist preform life. I used to go to shows ALL the time, like 3-4x a month, and then I stopped. My favourite artist changes on a weekly basis, but I know I need to go back to what used to make my heart happy and see if it still does.
23. Nap in a hammock on a beach
24. Go to Hawaii
25. Learn to snowboard